"The First Book On Post Gastrectomy Diet For Stomach Cancer Patients!" - Dr Peter Thatcher
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Brought To You By Dr Peter Thatcher, NHS CONSULTANT
This POWERFUL book provides everything you need know on eating following gastrectomy . You'll discover how to eat again, the right foods to have and ways of preventing complications from your surgery.

The Art of Eating Without A Stomach will walk you, step by step, through the process I’ve been advising people to use for years now...the exact same processes that have helped people like you get back to FULL FITNESS. 

In the "Art of Eating Without A Stomach" you will find everything you need, but here are...
5 Most Tips To Get You Started:
  • Tip One -- Simple Tips to Make Your Food Tastier and Full off Calories                                  A great way to improve the taste of fish, chicken and meat is with a marinade of your choice, so long as it is not sweet and sugary. You can buy pre-made marinates or create your own. 
  • Tip Two -- Add Some Bacon Bits!                                                                                                     If you are having vegetables, some fresh salad, soup, or nearly anything else for that matter, adding bacon bits might be a nice idea. You can make your own bacon bits if you like, or you can use the ones found at the grocery store. 
  • Tip Three -- Your Sweets//Desserts                                                                                             Just because you are on a different dietary regimen, it does not mean you have to forego some of the sweeter things in life. When it comes to sweets and desserts, always look for the sugar free options.
  • Tip Four -- Meat and Protein                                                                                                           One of the great things about meat and protein is that most people have little trouble when it comes to eating and digesting them!
  • Tip Five -- Improve Your Oral Health                                                                                   Whilst this might sound a bit strange, it's not just about diet after gastrectomy surgery. Improving your oral health really can help with your appetite too. Make sure you brush your teeth twice a day, consider mouthwash and Go for dental checks!
The Art of Eating Without A Stomach Book
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Inside The Art of Eating Without A Stomach Book
About The Author
Dr Peter Thatcher
Dr Peter Thatcher trained at the internationally renowned King's College Hospital in London. He has worked as a consultant physician and gastroenterologist since 2005 at the Royal Cornwall Hospital.

During his training, his father developed stomach cancer so this condition is very personal to him.

He created this book as an aid to learning about the foods you need following your surgery. By eating the right diet after gastrectomy surgery you will significantly reduce your risks of side effects from the surgery, improve your quality of eating as well as the enjoyment that this entails.
"Here's What Others Have Said"
  •  Love This Book
    Debbie Zellman from Debbies Dream Foundation
  • My husband has stomach ccanccerr and needed a total gastrectomy. This book was excellent in preparing us for what was ahead. The doctors at Mayo were impressed with the book (we were reading it during recovery in hospital) it was consistent with the recommendations and discharge instructions they provide, but in more detail. Another patient on our unit immediately ordered it after reading a few pages of our copy.
    Mrs B Anderson
  • A good guide for peoplle who have gone through total gastrectomy. There is not a lot of information out there so I was happy to come across this book.
  • The book was very informative regarding what to expect after surgery. Also gave very good tips on what, when and how much food is needs to recover and maintain good health.     Ms G Glass 
  • Excellent book.. This is just what I needed.                                                                                  Ms C Lauire
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